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Ruth Margaret Mellis

Ruth Margaret Mellis was a Billy Graham evangelical missionary who spent time teaching in Ethiopia after World War II.  Her credentials are impeccable.  She died in 2007 after living all her life trying to help the poor and trodden.  Her observations while she was teaching in Ethiopia were documented on audiotapes which reside at the Billy Graham Center archives at Wheaton College in Illinois.  http://www2.wheaton.edu/bgc/archives/archhp1.html

Ruth Margaret Mellis

Miss Mellis identified the people she knew who were victims of Mussolini's penis dismemberment.  Below is an excerpt of her interview relating to this inhuman punishment of innocent people:

" … the Italians had killed most of the educated people … His Majesty, [Haile Selassie] went back … he had been wise enough to take some people with him who were educated and capable to begin with … it was a great disability ... the Italians had done horrible things to the Ethiopians … I guess I can be this specific even on this tape ... Two of the Christian fellows we knew had had their penises cut off so that they could ... They were educated, so that these people who had some background and who might produce somebody else who might help the country were being incapacitated for ... for doing it and so many of them had been killed ... Ado Gotriod [?] who lived in the same apartment building I did is one who had been educated by the Swedish missions people ... He had hidden out in the hills all during the Italian occupation ... It was a terrible time, that Italian occupation … no procreation of the leaders so they would not be able to take back the place from Italy ... Those were the things I remember because I knew these people and knew what they had been through … I was living in an apartment building that had been built by the Italians … they came in force and built things for them to use ... there were things that they had built up actually to make it more livable for themselves … their idea was to come in to take over …"


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