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Julius Caesar is presently depicted as a hero.
Julius Caesar is presently remembered as a commanding general.
Julius Caesar is presently portrayed as a wise politician.

Julius Caesar was a thief.
Julius Caesar was a murderer.
Julius Caesar was a cruel egomaniac.

So much for correcting the mistakes of distorted history books.  The coliseum speaks volumes about the human and animal blood that was spilt to entertain the Romans.

Generalissimos Benito Mussolini was the latest Dictator and incarnation of Julius Caesar.  Mussolini invaded Ethiopia hoping to revive the Roman Empire. 

It was 1935 and the world was looking the other way.  The world was preoccupied with Adolf Hitler's insanity of "Deutschland ├╝ber alles" and the notion that his supreme Arian race was going to rule the world for the next thousand years.  So Mussolini was practically able to get away with murder.

The most heinous Italian cruelty perpetrated on the Ethiopian people was the act of disabling their intelligentsia from having children.  This was implemented by the penis dismemberment of the Ethiopian educated and knowledgeable people who ran the country. 

Italy ended up colonizing Libya and Somalia.  In between lied Egypt with its Suez Canal and other riches.  But Egypt was British property.  So over and over again Italy tried to squeeze the British out of Egypt.  To get closer to Egypt the Italians had to take over Ethiopia and then the Sudan.  They made two attempts at Ethiopia but never got close enough to the Sudan.

Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1895 and lost its first war there.  Mussolini charged back with a vengeance in 1935 and won.  He stayed there until the World War II Allies kicked him out in 1941.  But little known is the fact that Mussolini invaded Egypt from his Libyan side also in 1941.  He was not successful then and that is why Hitler sent Rommel to North Africa to help out Mussolini.

And this is why this website was launched.


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