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Africa Orientale Italiana

Africa Orientale Italiana has a website which documents in black and white photographs what happened during the 1935 Italian invasion of Ethiopia.  All credit for the information below goes to the owner of that website who asked for this credit and who apparently considers the photos below war trophies.

The photographs suggest motives other than to save the Ethiopians by converting them to Christianity because most of the Ethiopians were already Christians.

Click on the photographs to see larger images

girl022          girl019

The above pictures show the same Italian officer appears in both pictures.  In the first he shows the frontal view of a young girl sitting on his knee while he is holding back both of her hands.  In the second he is seen again holding back both hands of a girl while her clothes are dropped on the ground

girl027          girl024

Here another Italian officer appears in two pictures.  The first shows a young naked girl looking unhappy.  The second shows the same girl bending over in an uncompromising posture.

girl126     girl144     girl128     girl099

More young girls are photographed here displaying their shyness, resentment or disbelief.

woman294    woman149    woman152    woman146    woman013

Here older females are photographed with some in full frontal nudity for no other apparent reason other than personal satisfaction.

hanging64   gallows62   hangings05   hangins10

The hangings were done en masse where the victims were heavily escorted to the gallows and then gathered on the ground for disposal

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