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The 1884 Berlin Conference

In the 1880’s, European interest in Africa went ballistic due to the discovery of an abundance of gold, spices, tea, opium, all kinds of raw  materials ... and ... free labor ... slaves.

Berlin Conference

The Berlin Conference of 1884 regulated European colonization and trade in Africa.  It coincided with Germany’s sudden emergence as an imperial power and was organized by Otto von Bismarck.  That is when and where the Scramble for Africa was formalized.  It heightened colonial activity and eliminated most existing forms of African autonomy and self-governance.

While the International African Society claimed its goal as “CIVILIZING” the continent,  the International Congo Society was relatively more honest by declaring its goals as "ECONOMIC."

The French cartoon below depicted Africa as a cake being divided by the conference attendees.

French CartoonAmong the astounding conference agreements were:

1) To own a colony, a European country would have to fly its flag, have a treaty with a local leader, establish an administration to govern with a police force to keep order, and to make use of the colony economically.  If the colonial power did not do these things, another power could do so and take over the territory.  It therefore became important to get leaders to sign a protectorate treaty and to have a presence sufficient to police the area.
2) Any fresh act of taking possession of any portion of the African coast would have to be notified by the power taking possession, or assuming a protectorate, to the other signatory powers.
3) Spheres Of Influence were established wherein the new owners must not interfere in each others businesses.

The Scramble for Africa sped up after the conference.  Expeditions were dispatched to coerce local rulers into signing treaties, using force if necessary.

This is how Africa became "OWNED" by the Crewsailors.

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