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Basic Historical Facts
First Published 22 December 2011
Updated 1 January 2012

The scramble for Africa was conspired by West Europeans during the 1884 Berlin Conference.
By 1914 West Europeans occupied all Africa except Liberia and Ethiopia.

Italy's share in Africa was Libya in the north and Somalia in the east.
But what Italy lusted for was in between which is Egypt and the Suez Canal.
It was easier for Italy to get to Egypt from Somalia.
But Ethiopia was in the way.
So Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1895.
But lost the war.
So again Italy invaded Ethiopia In 1935.
This time Italy won with brutality using Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Less known is the fact that Italy actually invaded Egypt from the Libyan side in 1941 but was quickly kicked out by the firmly entrenched British occupiers.

In the second Italian invasion of Ethiopia the Great Generalissimo Benito Mussolini was the aggressor and this is how he won:

Mussolini used mustard gas.
Mussolini threw prisoners out from airplanes in mid-flight.
Mussolini publically hanged prisoners en masse.
Mussolini dropped bombs on the red cross.
Mussolini poisoned lakes.
Mussolini slaughtered cattle.
Mussolini ordered the penis dismemberment of the Ethiopian intelligentsia in order to prevent them from having intelligent or educated children who may some day in the future revolt against the Roman Empire which he dreamt of bringing back to life.

"Africa Orientale Italiana" was Mussolini's colonial administration in 1936.  It now has a website which has very interesting pictures which document Mussolini's invasion and even includes a music march which apparently was used to inflame the Italian troops when they marched to war.  Their website is Africa Orientale Italiana and you can hear a recording of their war music at The War March.

Italy's enforcement of penis dismemberment on civilians will forever remain an unforgettable crime.  But it was not publicized because the Italians did not want anyone to know how they subjugated their victims.  And their victims were too embarrassed to say it happened to them.

Belgium, England, France, Germany and all the other invaders were equally brutal.  They must have been because they were all competing for the same treasures. 

The word Crewsailors was concocted to describe those West Europeans who literally scrambled Africa.  It is not an accident that Crewsailors sounds like Crusaders because that is who they are but in new garb.  Whereas the Crusaders pushed salvation the Crewsailors pushed civilization.  Genetically the Crewsailors are the descendants of the Crusaders.  Same people.  Same tactics.  Same objectives.

Walter Cronkite who is revered for his news casting integrity said that war is about stealing.

Wars by the Crusaders and Crewsailors were about stealing.  Nothing to do with religion.  Nothing to do with salvation.  Nothing to do with civilization.  Pure stealing.

Wars by the Crewsailors were not the result of fights between neighbors but rather the amassing of large crews of mercenaries who sailed across large expanses of water to kill and steal from people that did them no harm.

Somehow ... miraculously of course ... and before the passage of even one century since 1914 ... the Crewsailors have cleansed and promoted themselves to be the guardians of decency and good will towards all men.  How and when this miracle happened no one knows except for the Crewsailors themselves.

Come now The International Criminal Court which is:

Inspired by the Crewsailors.
Conspired for the Crewsailors.
Housed by the Crewsailors.
Funded by the Crewsailors.
Staffed by bureaucrats paid by the Crewsailors.
Created to punish victims of the Crewsailors.

Nice try!

"Crewsailors!  It's the land, stupid!" is a book that was published in December 2010 and which has more information on this subject including some background on the motivations and attitudes of the occupiers.

November 13, 2011

Poor billionaire Silvio Berlusconi will be remembered for his Bunga-Bunga.  He was forced to resign because Italy borrowed more than it can repay.  Italy‚Äôs finances went Bunga-Bunga because Berlusconi went Bunga-Bunga.  Full Article

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